Kings of Cheddar Valley Estate & Letting Agents

Company Profile

What makes Kings of Cheddar Valley Estate Agents stand out in the area (other than our very colourful boards) is the friendly service you will always get in our office. A smile and attention to your customer’s needs costs nothing and we have had many comments about the approachability of our staff and the attention to detail they give.

The other thing that really has made us stand out is our ability to sell those properties that other agents struggle with. The reason for this is our ‘think outside the box’ attitude. We have many examples of this thinking and it all comes down to listening to our customers’ needs. A prime example of this is the recent sale of a bungalow to a young couple who registered looking for a 3 bedroom house. We looked at their needs and found them the perfect property. A card from these buyers just after they moved in stated “you are un-undoubtedly the most professional, direct and honest estate agents in Cheddar”.

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